MEMBERSHIP / TELESCOPE LIST (as of December 4, 2015)


E-mail/Web site

Telescope Used

Main Astronomy Interest

Black Hills Astronomical Society


12.5" f6.8 reflector-German equatorial mount
10" and 6" reflectors on Dobsonian mounts

Member activities, public education

Pete Hendricksen

18" f4.5 Obsession reflector-Dobsonian mount

Visual observing

Bob Polcyn

18" Starmaster Dobsonian 6" refractor

Binary systems, deep sky planetary observing

Dave Christman

Motor-driven SPC 6 Celestron Newtonian
4 inch Celestron makistav

General viewing and (more nebula & clusters), black holes, string theory.

James Grimes Meade 10" LX200  
Joe Kocherhans

6" Meade Newtonian reflector


Ron Dyvig

8" f8.0 D0bsonian

Visual observing

Frank Belinskey

8" Celestron NexStar GPS
ETX Astro Telescope
Coronado 90mm solar telescope on an iOptron Mini Tower II mount/

Messier objects and deep sky, solar  and planetary viewing

Wade Johnson WCKEJ@RAP.MIDCO.NET Stellarvue 102mm apo with M6 mount,
Orion Skyquest XT8 Dobsonian
Moon, planets, Messier objects
Harold Vander Molen 9.25" f/10 Celestron EdgeHD Schmidt-Cassegrain on CGEM DX mount General viewing: moon, planets, Messier objects, astrophotography
Ken Thompson Astro-Tech AT65EDQ scope mounted on a Celestron Advanced VX equatorial mount  
Tom Durkin - NASA-SD Space Grant Consortium 11" f10 Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain
click here for picture
General viewing, public education

This is a list of certain Black Hills Astronomical Society members, their e-mail address, the type of telescope that they use, and their main astronomy interest. Please send updates/additions to George Gladfelter at Webmaster for posting on this web site as a reference for anyone who may have questions on equipment, etc. Participation is entirely voluntary.

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