MEMBERSHIP / TELESCOPE LIST (as of October, 2009)


E-mail/Web site

Telescope Used

Main Astronomy Interest

Black Hills Astronomical Society


12.5" f6.8 reflector-German equatorial mount 10" and 6" reflector-Dobsonian mounts

Member activities, public education

Pete Hendricksen

18" f4.5 Obsession reflector-Dobsonian mount

Visual observing

Steve Parker

4" f5 Celestron refractor

Hidden Valley Observatory

Bob Polcyn

18" Starmaster Dobsonian 6" refractor

Binary systems, deep sky planetary observing

Dave Christman

Motor-driven SPC 6 Celestron Newtonian
4 inch Celestron makistav

General viewing and (more nebula & clusters), black holes, string theory.

Joe Kocherhans

6" Meade Newtonian reflector


Ernest Schabauer

12" Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain GPS


Ron Dyvig

8" f8.0 D0bsonian

Visual observing

Frank Belinskey

8" Celestron NexStar GPS
ETX Astro Telescope

Messier objects and deep sky, solar  and planetary viewing

Wade Johnson WCKEJ@RAP.MIDCO.NET Stellarvue 102mm apo with M6 mount,
Orion Skyquest XT8 Dobsonian
Moon, planets, Messier objects
Tom Durkin - NASA-SD Space Grant Consortium 11" f10 Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain
click here for picture
General viewing, public education

This is a list of certain Black Hills Astronomical Society members, their e-mail address, the type of telescope that they use, and their main astronomy interest. Please send updates/additions to George Gladfelter at Webmaster for posting on this web site as a reference for anyone who may have questions on equipment, etc. Participation is entirely voluntary. Back to Black Hills Astronomical Society Homepage