Black Hills Astronomical Society's
Hidden Valley Observatory


The photo above was taken by Steve Parker, our longtime Observatory Director.

The dates of our public Friday Night Star Parties, and our regular meetings, are available: Click here for schedule information

Friday nights that are too close to the full moon are avoided.   Please note that star parties are held "weather permitting". Click on this link for weather information: "Clear Sky Clock"

For even more information from a service named Astrospherics click here.

NOTE:  A star party is cancelled if the weather is rainy or cloudy. We usually begin each summer star party starting at about 9:00 P.M.  (or earlier after July).

We may be able to host a group for private viewing of the heavens using our facilities.  However, to arrange this please contact our observatory director (see "Questions?" below) up to 3 months, but not less than 2 months, in advance to reserve a date.

Our star parties for the public are a great way to learn about astronomy and see things for yourself.  In order that they be enjoyable for everyone, we ask that you familiarize yourself with star party etiquette (click here).

The Hidden Valley Observatory is located at 4715 Hidden Valley Rd., about 1/4 mile west of Sturgis Road. (Hwy 79 north).

Click here for Map.

A table of times for sunrise, sunset, twilight, and lunar illumination for the observatory's location is available here.  An explanation of the items listed in the table is available here

Questions? ... Please contact our observatory director listed on our home page.

Acknowledgement: Great appreciation is extended to the Catholic Diocese of Rapid City for leasing at a very nominal cost to BHAS the land upon which the observatory is situated.  We are also very grateful to the sisters of Saint Martin's Monastery who leased this site to us for many years before selling it to the diocese.

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